This is a story about love.

Every week or sometimes two, I send a letter to the world I love, even though it doesn’t always seem like the world might love us back (it does).

Many times, I’ll include a brief recording of a poem by a poet I admire, something for you to listen to in the morning, maybe, cooking breakfast or looking for your breath. Here’s a nice one, if you’d like to try it on.

Sometimes I include new work of my own, experiments in voice and form, poems I’m not sure quite what else to do with, but offer them humbly to anyone who cares to read them. If you’re interested, you can find a bunch of my published work here.

I greet you here, with long open arms, my arms are just so long, and open. I hope you find something that feeds you.

We’re all friends here

Everything is free here. The world keeps too much from us. If you want any of my words, I welcome you to have them all.

By subscribing, you’ll receive (sometimes) weekly transmissions, mostly on Sunday mornings but sometimes other days too. You’ll never miss a thing.

If you care to, you can choose a paid subscription and know my heart is yours forever.

Credit where it’s due

My beloved friend and esteemed colleague, Ariel Rudolph, drew the drawing that is the logo. I love it fiercely.